The June Jordan School for Equity Community Farm and Kitchen provide an interactive and multi-sensory outdoor environment that supports diverse learning styles for youth.

Programming forgoes the lecture-audience teaching model and is structured around exploration, experimentation, and knowledge-sharing. In all classes, youth are physically active outdoors, have their hands in the soil, are trying new food combinations using plants they grew, and sharing stories of their relationship to food and land.


June Jordan School for Equity

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I have a passion for cooking. I am not “gifted”. No one is gonna know it off the top of their head. You have to research it, study it, and from there on – more effort, more dedication. Take in info, use your experience, don’t repeat mistakes. Set your mind to it, anyone can. Don’t limit yourself with what others think or what stereotypes are out there. Get a job, love it, and it’s like you’ve never worked a day in your life. That’s how I feel about cooking. For me, it heals my mind.
— Arturo, Senior @ JJSE