Herman Yee grew up in San Francisco, and feels fortunate to enjoy going to the playground, the Academy of Sciences and to other places and exploring Golden Gate Park. Both his parents worked around food, so he always remembered eating well as a child, whether from produce or food coming from his dad’s clients, or his mother intrepidly feeding her family. Being in the back of groceries, supermarkets, and restaurants helped him appreciate the all the work that goes into food. Herman started gardening in a class at UC Berkeley. When not looking at insects in the microscope for another class, he was starting seeds in the greenhouse, learning about food and farming by visiting and later working at the Berkeley Farmers’ Market, and cooking all the produce from local farmers and producers. He has started and worked in various gardens in community and school settings in the Bay Area and is interested in connecting with communities around nourishing food.

Contact: herman@urbansprouts.org