12 ears of fresh corn

½ pound of shiitake mushrooms

¼ of bunch epazote

½ cup of corn meal

¼ cup of olive oil

1 teaspoon baking soda

sugar to taste

a pinch of salt

1 pack of tamale leaves

TO ACCOMPANY: fresh cheese and sour cream to taste.


PROCESS:  Scrape the corn and liquefy them then add the rest of the ingredients and wrap a spoonful of mixture in each sheet. Cut and fry the mushrooms with garlic and epazote, salt pepper to taste.

Place them in a baking dish, and cooking them for one hour.

CHEFs NOTE: You can add raisins or nuts to your mix and have some sweet tamales; You can also cook some mushrooms to your liking and add them as a filling to the dough placed on each leaf, the combination of flavors of the mushrooms (especially the oyster) and the corn is very special.